Now On Air:11:13:39 a.m. (local) Hijos del Mal

Previous Tracks:11:09:59 a.m. (local) 04. The Spinning Tomb
 11:09:23 a.m. (local) Spot Siglo Metalico
 11:04:58 a.m. (local) 11 - Take Me Home
 11:01:13 a.m. (local) And Go
 11:00:38 a.m. (local) Separador Demontre 4
 11:00:05 a.m. (local) Lechonera-Demontre-Radio-Spot
 10:59:36 a.m. (local) Spot Lado Salvaje Distorsionado
 10:59:09 a.m. (local) Promo-Inyectando-Metal-por-Demontreradio
 10:58:22 a.m. (local) 09-battlesoul-silence_(instrumental)
 10:53:39 a.m. (local) 02- el ekivocado

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